Why a Smaller Firm?

As a 50+ person, top 35 Chicago CPA firm, we are not small but can still provide you the opportunity to build a challenging and interesting career that also allows you time for a satisfying personal life. CPAs have long been trusted business advisors for their clients, providing services to meet a wide range of needs. Companies and individuals are turning to CPA firms to help them understand and answer their most pressing business questions.

CPA firms are in great demand which in turn means that the people who work for CPA firms have excellent learning and advancement opportunities. Smaller CPA firms deal with a large variety of clients in different industries yet at the same time can offer flexibility in scheduling and career options and a wide range of hands on professional opportunities. It is a great place to build your career.

Professional Opportunities

Adapt to the aspirations of individual staff members

Access to top people

  • working with partners
  • in the field with clients
  • mentoring programs
  • receiving insights into the firm and the industry

Variety and responsibility

  • sample different types of challenges
  • responsibility for various engagement aspects
  • work directly with client personnel
  • adapt assignments to own interests and strengths

Respect for staff opinions

  • included in brainstorming sessions with senior staff
  • encouraged to share thoughts on firm’s future
  • key player on the client team and the firm team

Personal Advantages

Fulfilling professional and personal life

Respect for work/life balance

  • flexible and alternative schedules
  • telecommuting, part time positions
  • not as much travel
  • input on making your schedule work

Your own career timetable

  • many opportunities for staff members
  • can take time for personal life events
  • explore different options before choosing a path
  • build your career on your own situations

Be part of a firm family

  • working with intelligent & committed people
  • socialize and relax when the work is done
  • encourage each other in good times and bad