Most not-for-profit organizations start with a vision. Then they embark on their mission to carry out that vision.

But limited resources can hinder your ability to accomplish your mission. And making more budget cuts is hard to swallow when financial constraints are already in place.

Success depends on adequate funding, generous donations, and committed volunteers. Smart strategies help in these times of heavy competition for contributions.

The non-profit team at KOS does much more than perform audits and help you meet your reporting requirements. We help you achieve success by finding creative ways to reach your organization’s mission and goals. When it comes to using your resources well, we can help.

[Our accountant] responds promptly to calls and/or issues that arise.

Dan Gurgevich
Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly

Many organizations seek our help in evaluating expenditures, putting together budgets and projections, managing programs and related costs, and evaluating employee benefits.

Charities, foundations, schools, churches, professional and trade organizations, scientific institutions, and other not-for-profit entities face mounting challenges that only grow more complex over time. Let KOS use imagination and innovation to optimize your resources.

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