On the surface, accounting firms seem a lot alike. But some firms leap out of the pack. So what makes KOS different?
Our people. Sincerely caring, really listening, and then putting your outcome ahead of our interests.
It’s our exuberant commitment: to put you above all else.

Based in Deerfield, a Chicago suburb, KOS serves businesses and individuals in multiple states
providing business consulting, auditing, accounting and bookkeeping, and tax services.

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  • Meet Your Family’s Long-term Needs - Including the KOS “What If Something Happened” *WISH LIST - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a government agency, the current life expectancy of Americans is 78.5 years. It has been going up, and that, of course, is good news. Nevertheless, an elderly relative who needs expensive long-term care could cause financial and emotional problems for the rest of the... More →
  • IRS Acts Tough on Charitable Appraisals - Entire deduction disallowed in new case - A taxpayer in a new Tax Court case learned a hard lesson about charitable deductions of property: Observe the strict letter of the tax law. The taxpayer, who probably should have known better, ended up with a zero deduction, even though he had clearly donated property worth millions! - Facts of the case: The taxpayer was a prominent entrepreneur, real... More →
  • Compare the Two Types of IRAs - How they stack up against each other - When you hear the word “IRA,” what comes to mind? There are two basic types: the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. It is important to know the similarities and distinctions. - For starters, the annual limit for contributions to all IRAs for the 2013 tax year, in any combination, is $5,500 (increased from $5,000 in 2012). Plus, you can add an additional... More →
  • Seven Warning Signs of Fraud - Watch out for these red flags at work - According to recent reports by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), an estimated 5% of revenue is lost to fraud and embezzlement every year. Surprisingly, small companies with fewer than 100 employees appear to be more at risk than the corporate heavyweights. The ACFE says that the median loss for businesses with fewer than 100 employees... More →
  • Fall in Line on Required Minimum Distributions - Observe tax rules for qualified plans and IRAs - The IRS not only limits the amount you can contribute to qualified retirement plans and IRAs while you are working, it tells how much you must withdraw when you’re retired. Under the rules for “required minimum distributions” (RMDs), you may have to take distributions before the end of the year—whether you want to or not. - Background:... More →

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