• Welcome to KOS!

    With an over 80-year history, the mid-sized accounting firm of Kessler Orlean Silver & Co., P.C., provides innovative accounting solutions to business owners, executives and managers, private investors, and professionals.

    Our down-to-earth style and practical experience come from a long-time culture of helping people and feeling passionate about doing so!

  • What Sets Us Apart

    We care. Pure and simple.

    ‘Above and beyond’ dedication to client service is our highest priority. Clients tell us they appreciate our accessibility and outstanding service. We believe it’s essential that you receive our close personal attention with prompt answers and new ideas.

    No situation is too tough or too routine. Every challenge is viewed with a fresh eye and resolved with a creative solution.

    By placing our service standards front and center in the way we conduct business, you can expect to receive the highest quality service while we help you improve your business or personal financials.

  • On the surface, accounting firms seem a lot alike. But some stand out from the crowd. So what makes KOS different? Our people. Sincerely caring, really listening, and then putting your outcome ahead of our interests. It’s our exuberant: to put you above all else.


    Based in Deerfield, a Chicago suburb, KOS serves businesses and individuals in multiple states providing business consulting, accounting and bookkeeping, and tax services.

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"[KOS is] friendly, approachable, and always willing to help me find the answer to a question." - Joan Meyer La James International College