Business Consulting

Tremendous time and effort goes into building and maintaining your business. When you’re juggling multiple projects, dealing with numbers can be low on your priority list.

We realize that creating a comprehensive snapshot of your business health isn’t the most alluring of tasks, but having it in your hands gives you a distinct advantage. Knowing where you stand at all times helps you act quickly when opportunities arise.

With your finger on the pulse of your cash flow and needs, you can better adapt and pursue new options—you can’t make good decisions in the dark.

Years of working with hundreds of companies through all the phases of a business’ life-cycle enables us to observe and impart a selection of financial strategies. We see what works and what doesn’t—and why.

KOS has been our accounting firm since the birth of our company 15 years ago.  KOS helped us through the startup phase; KOS helped us through the growth phase; and KOS  helped us with our acquisition by a Fortune 500 firm last year.  Their expertise, attention to detail, and lightning-fast responsiveness is without peer in the industry.  My KOS recommendation is made with pride and enthusiasm.Russ W. Rosenzweig, Founder
Round Table Group

We’re equipped to advise you from business start-up through sale or succession. Exploring and understanding options are the themes in both starting and exiting your business. Whether franchising, operating a family business, or leading a practice, we help you identify and choose the right options for you.


Getting Started

Getting your new business off the ground is an exciting yet overwhelming process. And what you don’t know could hurt you. From choosing the best type of entity to identifying financing sources, trust KOS to carefully evaluate your situation and make sound recommendations.

This is also a good time to let us guide you in creating a plan to streamline your basic and complex business processes so that you can focus on managing operations and turning a steady profit.

Building and Strengthening

My firm has been a client of  KOS for several years and has been very satisfied with the level of professionalism and service. We feel that the firm has the resources and man power necessary to provide excellent accounting services and tax advice. We will continue to be a loyal client in the years to come.

Gary Kass
Kass Management Services, Inc.

To ensure success as you grow, hiring and retaining a good team is critical. We’ll advise in developing cost-effective employee benefit plans as well as compensation planning, such as bonus structures and executive compensation.

As your company expands, you begin to appreciate the importance of having the right product offerings and sales strategies. Our analyses can help you determine profitability by product or service line, and enable you to most effectively manage and fund your growth.

Managing Challenges

Sometimes circumstances lead to problems with profitability and growth. Troubled businesses have a profound need for professional accounting assistance. Yet this is often a time when business owners don’t ask for professional help soon enough. An evaluation of external and internal factors affecting your company may be necessary in overcoming obstacles.

Survival can depend on the speed with which a problem is detected and resolved. That’s where we come in. For best results, call us the second you suspect challenges might be arising.

Exiting the Business

After a period of investment and dedication to your business, there will likely come a time when you are ready to step away.

Whether you are considering shifting your business ownership to family members, employees, or outside parties, we listen to your expectations and objectives in order to provide a clear path to transitioning your business.

If your objective is to continually seek ways to improve all areas of your business, planning can make the difference between having a business and having a successful business.

It’s important to have good people working with you. Let KOS help you reach that goal of success.

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